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This workshop will provide an overview of the legal dynamics involved in successfully operating an Information Technology, Staffing, Consulting, or Temporary Help firm. The workshop’s focus will be designed to offer not only an introduction to the rules and procedures involved in successfully running an IT, Staffing, Consulting, or Temporary Help firm but also offer legal insight into the daily operation of these firms from an objective legal viewpoint.

        The workshop is presented in an intensive three hour session where participants will be given very useful and detailed information concerning the legal framework and issues that businesses encounter on a daily basis. The knowledge each individual learns will be tested and case specific scenarios will be discussed and evaluated so that participants can gain necessary depth and understanding of the law, regulations and practices that impact their businesses. Each session will also be followed by a question and answer session where participants will be encouraged to ask questions addressing case specific issues. This is an excellent opportunity for business professionals to learn new business perspectives, broaden business skills or just refresh what they may already know.

       The workshops will be conveniently scheduled on Saturdays and registration will be on a first come first serve basis. Registration must be made prior to the scheduled workshop and only a limited number of seats are available for each presentation. Available dates will be announced following the acceptance of the registration process. Each group shall remain small so that everyone’s questions and case specific issues can be addressed.


Discussion of industry specific laws and legal framework
  • Relevance of Department of Consumer Affairs: Introduction to the registration process with the Department of Consumer Affairs and the consequences for failing to register.
  • Immigration Laws: Discussion on the contemporary immigration laws with a focus on how the lack of knowledge and understanding of applicable immigration laws, rules and regulations may result in an allegation of fraud and criminal prosecution of business owners and of those who sign immigration documents.

  • Discussion on the “darker side of unrestricted email communication”.

Discussion about the email communication methods and pros and cons of uncontrolled use in the workplace. The emails often become evidence in litigation, enforcement actions and criminal prosecution. They further  get used to support wage liabilities arising out of hiring non immigrant workers. 

  • Understanding the Role of Labor Department (DOL):

Federal DOL: Discussion on the employment of foreign workers and the enforcement powers of DOL. Focused discussion on understanding general mistakes employers make and nut and bolts of a system that will reduce or eliminate a possible crisis.

Local DOL: Discussion on the Wage and Hour Compliance Department actions focusing on audits and compliance and featuring steps that can be taken to deal with possible audits and enforcement issues.

  • Contracts: This industry revolves around contracts. Litigation in this industry revolving around breach of contract is frequent. This workshop will discuss the basic issues arising out of the contracts including, but not limited to, pitfalls of downloading contracts from the internet; using someone else’s contract; amending the contracts prepared by attorneys; the role of contracts in litigation; implementing and managing a sensible set of contracts within an organization; the pros and cons of issuing employee handbooks; and use an employee handbook by H1B dependent employers.
  • Litigation: Discussion on the pros and cons of suing an employee for breach of contract and suing to recover payment from a vendor; cost of litigation; litigation process; how to reduce exposure to law suits; and multi-jurisdictional situations.
  • Intellectual Property: “Your website contents and disclosures, could your advertisements be proofs against you?”  Discussion on how to protect client information which you agreed to protect.
  • Restrictive Covenants: How to ensure enforceability when imposing restrictions on your employees and third parties.
  • Discrimination in the workplace: Discussion on discrimination policies and how to anticipate and properly deal with possible discrimination allegations.
  • Terminating an Employee: “When employees become a problem”, Discussion on the basics of the legal framework related to employee termination.
  • Termination of H-1B Employees: Discussion on what you must do and must not do when terminating an H-1B Employee.

These workshops will be an ongoing project designed to educate the business community and provide useful tips so that necessary steps can be taken and major problems can be avoided.

THE FEE: Registration is required for participation in a workshop. The registration fee is $100.00. Individuals interested in attending a workshop should send email to The net proceeds from this project shall go to one or more individuals selected by the Law Offices of Susheela Verma who may be experiencing extreme financial hardship.

LOCATION: All workshops shall be held at the Law Offices of Susheela Verma, One Woodbridge Center, Suite 810, Woodbridge, NJ 07095. Tel: 732-596-1140 Fax: 732-596-1150.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:  Susheela Verma has over 18 years of experience in counseling, guiding  and representing small to medium size businesses in areas that include general corporate housekeeping, litigation, corporate structuring, corporate transactions, contracts, consumer fraud, employment relations and immigration matters.  Ms. Verma has been retained by IT firms, staffing agencies, small to large family owned businesses and multi-million dollar corporations to guide, counsel and represent them in their ongoing legal matters. She possesses a J.D. from Rutgers Law School, a Masters of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas and a L.L.B and L.L.M from India. 

DISCLAIMER: The workshop is designed to provide general guidance and cannot be considered a substitute for case specific legal advice. Attendance at a workshop and payment of the registration fee shall not result in formation of an attorney client relationship.

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